Here's what our guests and companies are saying about Metals Investor Forum

Here's what our guests and companies are saying about Metals Investor Forum

 Kevin M. Keough

President & CEO, Evergold Corp.

In terms of market impact – i.e. broadening awareness of our plans and prospects – the November MIF show was the best I’ve ever attended – and I’ve attended a great many shows put on by other organizations over the years.  The opportunity to make a presentation, in one room, before a large audience of hundreds of qualified, knowledgeable investors active in the resource space, is really valuable.  Likewise, the ancillary opportunities to meet and convey our story in video interviews with many of the industry’s top sector-knowledgeable newsletter writers, gatekeepers to a much broader world of investors, ensured our message received maximum distribution at a crucial stage in our development.  Investors are the lifeblood of early stage exploration and discovery.  MIF delivers access to these people in spades.

Andrew Keen

City Investors Circle. London. UK

March 2019: A great selection of diverse companies, with excellent introductions by the newsletter writers. The facilities and ambiance were superb, I had good conversations with the CEO's of those companies I was interested in meeting. I look forward to attending again next year.

Robert Mackay

Private Investor

This was my first time at Metals Investor Forum in Toronto and the quality of the companies presenting was excellent. The chance to have one on one with the management was the best part of the 2 day event. I am a shareholder of some companies presenting and it was great to meet the management in person vs talking to them on the phone. To have the letter writers screen the companies is a great help to investors. I look forward to attending in the future to get new ideas.

Philip O'neill

MP1 Capital LTD

The Metals Investor Forum was very well attended.  The mix of retail investors and industry leaders made for some great conversations.  The next Metals Investor Forum is in Toronto on March 2-3, 2019 – just ahead of PDAC.  If you’re going to be in Toronto, I suggest you work hard to find an invite – it’s a great venue to gain industry knowledge and to learn about some of junior mining’s better companies.

George Gorzynski

Executive VP, Fireweed Zinc (TSXV:FWZ)

Eric: I consider the Metals Investment Forums to be one of the most valuable and cost-effective marketing events that Fireweed Zinc participates in. As a young company less than a year from our IPO, it was important to get our story known. MIFs has been instrumental in introducing us to a number of top-rated newsletter writers, and to great individual investors, a number of whom became shareholders.

James Fraser


All in all a fantastic conference and thanks to Gwen, Eric, John, Brien, and organizational staff for putting it on. I will be attending any future conferences put on by the group and recommend it to any mining investor.

John Gomez


Best event I’ve attended in the past 5 years ... and I’ve been to a lot of conferences – 7 last year alone. I hope we’ll be able to exhibit at your next forum.

M. K.


Thanks for organizing a great event this past weekend! I enjoyed both days a lot!

Gwen Preston

Resource Maven

The Metals Investor Forum is such a valuable event. Hosted by newsletter writers who put their money where their mouth is, the event showcases each writers’ Top Pick investment opportunities in the exploration and mining space. Networking breaks give attendees ample time to meet management face to face, and to talk shop with mining sector investors and experts. It is the perfect blend of ideas, interaction, and opportunity - an event you don’t want to miss.

Eric Coffin

HRA Advisories

Our May Metals Investor Forum was the most successful ever and the bull market was barely getting started. The crowd was great. Companies did an excellent job of presenting concise, powerful value propositions to attendees and were generous with their time answering questions during the breaks. It was the first conference in years where I saw immediate market impact, a testament to the focus and seriousness of the audience.

B. T.


Eric: Thank you very much for the Metals Investor Forum this past weekend. It was EXCELLENT! There are so few substantive mining forums left. PDAC and Denver Gold are excellent of course. But your forum is becoming a tour de force. I hope it is as rewarding for you as it is for attendees.

John McConnell

Victoria Gold

We were a last-minute invite and I must say, I was impressed; great group of investors, good presentations, and military like organization. I encourage you to attend future events.

R. W.


It was an amazing event! I am very appreciative and thankful to have been able to attend.

Peter Tallman,

Klondike Gold

This is the best conference I have attended in the last 35 years.

H. A.


The Metals Conference was the best of its kind...never been to a better one...pre-qualified companies saving us a huge amount of filtering.